Regina Daniels, her mother Rita Daniels and her husband Ned Nwoko get rains of curses from a Nigerian woman.

An angry and bitter mother called Rita Daniels, Regina’s mother a “a failed mother and a retired hopeless ashawo, who has no self worth.” In a recent video which is going viral, the woman is very bitter about Regina Daniels, her mother and her husband, Ned Nwoko.

She says Rita Daniels is just pushing her daughter to continue her prostitution from where she stopped. She went on calling Ned Nwoko a pedophile and a serial polygamist who is only using Regina and will dump her before she even knows it because he is already eyeing another small girl.

Regina Daniels, you will regret this marriage, Ned will never change. He is a hopeless polygamist, once he has had sex with you, you are done.

There is no man that will ever treasure you again. Regina Daniels’ mother is a horrible mother, a bad head. She is a failed international prostitute. Ned is a prolific polygamist, she said.

Part 1

Part 3:




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