A new documentary, Killing Michael Jackson, which takes an in-depth look at the account of how the late pop icon died is set to be released.

Killing Michael Jackson: Documentary to show how Michael Jackson died

The documentary commemorates the 10th anniversary since Michael Jackson died.

The managing director of Zig-Zag productions, Matt Griff spoke about the documentary:

“We are delighted that this documentary has been picked up in territories across the world. This film focuses on the intriguing circumstances surrounding Michael’s death giving audiences a fascinating insight into the final moments of the pop star’s life and the criminal process that lead to the arrest and conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray.”

Killing Michael Jackson” will showcase the investigative trio behind the original case, Orlando Martinez, Dan Myers and Scott Smith. This will give fans of the singer a minute-by-minute breakdown of the events leading up to Michael’s death.

Their Los Angeles Police Department case files will be opened to reveal how they went about investigating such a high-profile death, exclusive interviews, and give more recent updates on the case.

Rumors also have it that the documentary will examine the relationship between Michael and his infamous doctor who administered his fatal dose of Propofol – Dr. Conrad Murray.




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