tochi_grace_oap_igist247Depression in recent times has caused many to take their own life and the rate of suicide has been on the rise with cases linked to it.

Cases of depression leading to suicide has been a major headlines on the news globally with new cases recorded almost daily.

On Air Personality, Tochi Grace, has taken to Facebook to reveal how she battled depression right from growing up as a child up to being an adult.

Her story touches the heart and also is inspiring!

Read below!


If depression was a journey, I took that route, if it was a destination, I once lived there.. However, I chose to leave and I left for Good. 🚶🏃🏃🏃

Starting from Childhood, I knew depression. I did well in English and Spelling and performed poorly in Maths..So my Teacher in SureWay Montessori School, PH..Will describe me as dumb, dondi, flog me and verbally abuse me. It affected my self-esteem. Its painful..I felt not good enough, fear of going to school, couldn’t tell my parents. 😢

Now to family, my Dad, Mom and Mom’s Family had issues..Every now and then threats of “I’m Leaving”. The Fear /Deep cut pain of suffering a broken home..I thought of dying self, as the only child if they don’t reconcile…😭😭

Another Depressing time was when I lost My Mom after begging God to spare her life. 😭
I was the only child, so we were so close, at Secondary School JSS, I still suck her breast and crawl into her arms to sleep at night. My world came crashing. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Lonely, fears of the future without her…But thank God, I found Jesus..I told God straight up, If I serve you, promise me, You go do for me whatever my Mom would have done for me…And He swore to me, Much More, will He do. I saw His finger many times, His been faithful, I still place demand on our Covenant.

Ogbeni, I almost kee myself, when I go do ‘Househelp’ work for One Aunty..Everyday na, Physical Abuse (Beating) +Verbal Abuse + Abusing My Late Mom of not raising me well..Why remind me of Mom?😭
I no finish SS2, I no do SS3, never knew what is Specimen and Practical 😑😂, only bought text books and read for WAEC from Pure water money proceeds and God help me I make WAEC once..

I survive am, escape go stay with Dad and Step Mom..I do all housework no be small..Slave and Serve, I hear am sha…Time reach to go University, Daddy buy me JAMB form..Woman of the house provoke, say Why? When Dad never pay Jet Club fee for her son..I sick, Almost die of depression, fear of “So no education for me”.. But thank God.

Got Admission, My First and One and Only Boyfriend from my late mom days, who led me to Christ, assisted my admission and housed me as Dad had not sent accommodation fee.

Can you believe, my Lord Spiritual boyfriend, I was dreaming of marriage before Mekwe with.. Ask me for it, I refused, he took it by force. I was in Painzzz, I wept..My Innocence and spirituality irritated him, I will weep and pray in tongues. He was out to take advantage of me. I was in deep fear. It became a fight, to the extend he said..”I can’t marry you, you will starve me of mekwe”…Till date I still have a trace of this fear. #Horrible

He jilted me, sent me packing, impregnated another girl..I almost die of depression. My chest and throat block, I traveled to PH, my Aunt were busy running different test for me..Not knowing is heart break..😂😂
In his 5th year, Architecture, His admission was revoked as his admission was fake..Its well.

Abi, was it when my Landlord lawyer broke my door and packed my load out becos of N25k Rent in school small money to me now but big money then. I always pay my school fees or bills late…So one of those times I went to beg our Head of Dept. To permit I write the Exam, she walked me out of her office with rains of abuse. I no kill my self..
I have been broke a lot of times, that I had to deposit #100 to withdraw N500 or N1k. 😖🙈

My first and Last attempt to date a close by neighbor was nonsense. I was dumped for a next door neighbour and openly jilted..My emotions played, I wept deeply, went back to God..”I get on my knees song” was on replay. I chose not to kill myself… Today, I am grateful they left and they are seeking a 2nd chance..God Forbid biko…Its not possible with my kind 😎

I have made some costly mistakes, that I felt used, deceived, shortchanged and stupid..Depressed yes, but I chose not to kill myself. 😵😢😭😭

I saved 50k after NYSC to master tailoring, but was played by a Church Sister. My 50k enter voicemail..After working for her morning to 2am every day of the Xmas season, Madam Tailor say she no owe me any shishi..That’s OYO be my case..Wetin I go survive on after NYSC?🤔 I wept deeply😭😭😭😭 But today, I don forgive and forget. #Wiser That was Gods was of pushing out to Face my Career. 🙏

Pack my Load, left to PH, to search for job and do house help job. No be small thing o.. I suffer 😓..No job so I worked for months, I choose to work for free, while selling bags and doing project writing.. Anything legitimate to survive.

Been disappointed several times, went for a job audition and they chose someone else. Betrayed by friends, treated like a nobody by some #SpiritualFathers cos I had no money, and they preferred their eye service Spiritual Son to me. And so I swore to myself never to be a nobody or be Poor. 💪💰💴💵💵

I Felt abandoned by family, when I was hospitalized for operation. No relative turned up for me, rather they all said, I should return home, sick..What if I die on the journey doctor asked. God actually healed me, I came out of that depressing challenge and chose to live.. 🙌🙌

These are just a few of the thorns of life..

I have been depressed, I once questioned my existence, I’ve been angry with God..Bitter with my parents..Felt pains of disappointment, heartbreaks, broke etc. Yet, I fought the urge of killing myself and WON..You Too Can..💪💪💪

Take solace in God, Pray, Listen to Good songs, Cry and Worship Abba Father, Read His Word and Sleep amidst your Storm. #Peace

Tomorrow will be better, it is better, that’s what I found out.

#KillDepression #ResistTheUrge #StayAlive #ChooseToOvercome #SuicideIsNotAnOption #TomorrowWillBeBetter #Pray #LoveYourself #FirstLady #Akwaugo1 #MuchLove 😍😍😘




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